Imagine this world

Lately I’ve become quite the Matisyahu fan. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Matisyahu an American Hasidic Jewish reggae musician. That combo sounds rather unlikely, but he’s actually a very talented musician and often blends Jewish themes into his music (Check out, “Jerusalem“). His song, “One Day” from his new album “Light” is absolutely amazing in my opinion and is an anthem to what I’m sure we all hope our world eventually looks like. Check it out below.

Cheers and happy Friday.

Christ as Our Life

Got this from my mentor today and thought I’d share it. He didn’t write it and in fact it was simply something he wanted to share with me as well. Read, soak, enjoy.

Christ as Our Life

T. Austin-Sparks

“When Christ who is our Life, shall be manifested…” – Colossians 3:4

One of the main objects of the Holy Spirit is to get believers really identified with Christ as the risen and exalted Lord and to make His risen life real in their experience. As the age moves toward its consummation (the manifestation of Christ), two features will become increasingly evident. On the one hand ‘things’, men movements, institutions, organizations, etc., will be predominate and draw multitudes after them and will attach the crowds to themselves. On the other hand, with a growing disappointment and disillusionment over these, a minority will turn to the Lord Himself to find Him alone as their life.

Three elements will inhere in all this, One is the unmistakable development of the principle of Anti-Christ; that will definitely supplant Christ, or intend to do so. The second is the alternative to the whole Christ in man-made Christianity, an imitation life born and carried on by its own momentum. The third, a deep and genuine quest for reality, truth, and inward knowledge of the Lord Himself. In the first case, it will be the naked worship of man in human power: a tremendous overflow of humanism, the wonder and glory of man. The third will be Christ altogether as our life.

If the Christian is attached to some thing, such as a teaching, a tradition, an institution, a movement, or person, the end will certainly be a limitation of life and eventually confusion and disappointment, perhaps worse. The New Testament makes it unmistakably clear and emphatic that the destiny of all is to be ”Christ all and in all.” We must learn that a true work of the Spirit of God is to attach everything to Christ Himself. He, Christ, must be the life of our spirit, the ”inner man,” so that we are strong in the Lord; not in ourselves, nor in others, nor in things.

We shall have to survive adversity by His strength within alone.

Christ will have to be the life of our mind. Perplexity will find us without the power to explain and understand, but the Spirit will teach and lead.

Christ will need to be life for our bodies. There is such a thing as Divine life for the physical body. Not always does the Lord choose to heal the body, but He does always want to be its life, even in suffering, to fulfill His purpose.

It is the Lord Himself, and for this to be so, it often has to be against a background of natural inability. The power of His resurrection is the law of union with Christ from beginning to end. Days of terrific pressure are upon the Lord’s people. Their enemy is taking very little off time. The only sufficiency is in the Lord Himself as our life.

Barnabas exhorted the believers at the beginning that ”with purpose of heart they should cleave unto the Lord” (Acts 11:23). There is an utterness about this that will be pressed upon us until the time ”when Christ, who is our life, shall be manifested.”

Precusor to a Comback!

Hey all you loyal blog readers. I imagine there are fewer of you now than there were well over a year ago when I last posted. If you’ve kept checking here regularly then either you’re a habitual blog checker who likes reading stale blogs OR you had more faith in me that I’d start-up again than I did. 🙂

In any case, I do plan to start up again with more fervor than ever before with a slightly different bent than the war supporting, dilbert posting craziness that inhabited this space originally. Here’s why and what’s to come: In the past few months I finally heeded God’s long encouragement/nag to find myself a mentor to disciple me; in particular an older gentleman and fellow SPU Centurion alum who’s business card had been burning a hole in my wallet for about 7 months. Once I finally said, “Okay, God. I’ll call him” God took it from there. We’ve since had a few meals together and several hours-long conversations about how to live a life “abiding” in Christ. I put that in quotes for emphasis and let me tell ya, it has rocked my world. The amount of knowledge and sage wisdom my mentor has to share with me blows my mind. I’ve described our meetings like trying to drink from a garden hose as a kid. As hard as you try to gulp down all that life giving goodness there’s inevitably more coming out of that hose than you can swallow and it splashes out of your mouth. It has given me much to ponder, digest and share with friends. That’s where Flyboy Files comes in: It is going to be a space where I take these things, wrestle with them in writing and attempt to share them with you, my readers. Please, I want you all to feel free to dialog with me or with each other about this stuff. If you agree, disagree or have other thoughts I want to hear about it. It is all part of the learning process.

So to lead this off, I have an absurdly quick bit about the roles of the members of the Holy Trinity that was mentioned during our lunch last week and has stuck with me. It has helped me finally make some sense of the roles each plays:

– The Father thinks the thought or words.
– The Son speaks it
– The Spirit enables us to carry it out

This helps make sense of what I think I remember my SPU U-Foundations 2000 (or “Uf-Den” as my prof said it) prof, Rob Wall saying. The Father is the God-Head and is the locus of thought, words and action. The Son, who inhabited our world in flesh form speaks the words into the world and calls us to action. The Holy Spirit enables us to carry these out by touching our spirits–stirring, comforting, convicting, etc.


Recycle Your Electronic Crap This Weekend

I was just on the SPU webpage (my alma mater) and noticed that they are having a FREE, 100% Environmentally Friendly electronics recycling drive this weekend (March 15th & 16th) in one of their parking lots. There are only 4 of them (excluding dorm lots) so at most you’ll guess wrong 3 times. 😉 Though apparently there will be signs so you may get it right on you first try. Check out the site for more details. The purpose is to raise money for Union Gospel Mission.

Here are the details:

Seattle Pacific University
3307 3rd Ave West
Seattle, WA, 98119

Corner of 3rd & Nickerson

8am to 8pm

[UPDATE – 2:50pm] I just swung by to donate my crap and found that they’ve set up in the Emerson dorm back-lot. This is the lot right along Nickerson, west of 3rd ave. There are several semi-truck trailers lined up along the street. You can’t miss it!

Happy Feet

So now that Kate’s foot is on the mend, she and I have decided that we want to take ballroom dancing lessons together (starting with EC Swing, then WC Swing and so on). Kate’s been a dancer her entire life and I’ve began swing dancing fairly casually without much formal instruction to speak of when I was in college, and so together we decided to take it to the next level and actually get good at it! Continue reading

Game on!!

So, Kate and I are heading down to Ashland, Oregon this coming weekend so I can meet her mom and get some good rest. However, she wasn’t content to just let me go down there and rest… she had to throw a challenge into the mix. You see, she’s planning on turning off her cell-phone for the entire weekend–unplugging from the world–and anyone who knows me knows that I’ve got this whizz-bang phone called a Treo that I’m practically addicted to it. Well, she commented that she wanted me to consider doing the same. Continue reading

The Post I Said I’d Put Up This Weekend

Hey all… So its Sunday night and I haven’t yet posted anything. I know, I know. I’m a bad blogger, but I promise… a post is coming. I just got an idea for something awesome tonight and will post it as soon as I get a chance to write it. 😛  🙂

It will be on the topic of love: what it means and why we love. This one in particular came out of several conversations I had with various folks over the course of this weekend. Stay tuned and have a great Monday!